I’m 25 and Would Still Trade for This Trader Joe’s Snack at Lunch

2023-04-21 00:00:21 By : Mr. Zonsan Lu

This Snack Duo will be my ~little treat~ from now on.

Do you remember the elementary school currency that was snack foods at lunchtime? You always begged your friend who packed a better snack to trade with you—even if all you had to offer was a bag of carrots. Well, Trader Joe’s just released a new Snack Duo flavor that is going to be like gold at lunchtime. I’m 25 years old and would still trade for it. Grey Cube Storage Boxes

I’m 25 and Would Still Trade for This Trader Joe’s Snack at Lunch

The product in question? Trader Joe's new PB&C Snack Duo.

You may remember TJ’s PB&J Snack Duo, which was a dippable snack pack that featured peanut butter-filled wafers and a fruit dip. The product was a hit for both kids and adults alike, so Trader Joe’s upped the ante with a new flavor featuring (in my humble opinion) the best food combo out there: peanut butter and chocolate.

The PB&C Snack Duo includes cocoa creme-filled chocolate wafers and a peanut butter dip. They come in a similar package as the breadsticks and cheese dipping snack you used to eat as a kid—which might be why the Snack Duos are so nostalgic.

The creme-filled wafers are quite crispy and really flavorful on their own. They’re definitely more upscale than the dunkable cookie sticks you used to pack for lunch in grade school. The chocolate creme is sweet, but not overpowering—and it’s not like a Nutella, it’s more comparable to a chocolate ganache.

What really won me over, though, was the peanut butter dip. Put all pre-conceived notions about TJ’s peanut butter aside, I could have eaten this dip with a spoon. Obviously, it’s better when you add the wafer, but the PB dip was that good.

And it’s not just Trader Joe’s peanut butter in a cup, there’s some added sugar that makes it taste a bit sweeter than what the store sells. Personally, I think Trader Joe’s should bottle the peanut butter dip and sell that on its own because I’d buy it for all kinds of snacks.

Each individual serving-sized snack pack has eight wafers and a fair amount of peanut butter for dipping. The box has six snack packs and is priced at $3.99—though prices may vary by store.

I’m 25 and Would Still Trade for This Trader Joe’s Snack at Lunch

Sweet And Chocolate Box The PB&C Snack Duos might not be around for long, so run don’t walk to your TJ’s to stock up on your new fave sweet treat.